Pesticide and Fertilization

Choose from a 3, 4 or 5 step program:

ONE - Early Spring
Fertilization with pre-emergent weed control

TWO - Spring ||
Broadleaf weed killer and grub control and bag worm inspection

THREE - Summer
Crabgrass and summer fertilization

FOUR - Summer || 
Broadleaf / crabgrass and obnoxious weed contact killer

FIVE - Fall || 
Late season ground stabilization fertilizer that replenish soil nutrients through a slow release process.

Please contact us for a customized plan to meet your needs.

Timing is a critical factor that determines the success of applications for weed control.

Crabgrass will begin to germinate when temperatures begin to reach the 50 to 60 degree mark. It is time for a pre-emergent application. This generally occurs in early to mid-April. In some areas of Iowa, early May is the time.

Weather conditions are taken into consideration by our specialist to determine the exact time. Variations in the weather patterns from year-to-year may slightly alter the timing process.

Tip: Crabgrass seeds usually germinate when the forsythia bush blossoms begin to fall and redbud trees start blooming.

Fertilization is one of the top, positive contributors to a healthy lawn.

Healthy Turf uses top quality products and knows the science behind the correct ratios for successful applications.

Healthy Turf's pesticide applicator is licensed by the state of Iowa.